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John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Wed Mar 15 17:42:05 EST 2006

On Wednesday 15 March 2006 17:33, Larry Giunta wrote:
> Thanks all for the great feedback, some very helpful
> advice. (Special thanks for the file, David).
> This gives us some good stuff to experiment with.
> We're definitely getting some way cool results.

	Came in late...:P

	I've had good results fiddling with CHOPs in the past getting a good 
indication of beat, of course the track makes all the difference - sometimes 
it's not the bass but a high hat that works out better.  Last time, in fact, 
I got better results pulling that, and generating an average bps.  I'm sure 
with all the suggestions, it'll work out fine, though.

	On a side note, there's a product by Propellorhead Software called Recycle, 
which specializes in doing precisely this - analyses an audio track and 
essentially generates midi click tracks.  Almost all of the time, with very 
little tweaking, you get a solution very quickly.  In the end, though, it's 
really applying the sort of tools you get in CHOPs to the specific problem 
and giving you a nice GUI to it.  :)



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