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I spent a lot of time doing this kind of thing in 2000. It helps a lot
to have the original multi-track master of your audio. WIth the bass
track on it's own you can kind of do something. If not you can
probably still apply band pass filters or a low pass filter to isolate
low frequencies.

In general, gettiing animation curves off bass lines is tricky because
the perceived onset of the note and it's envelope is often different
to the signal power. As an example, peak signal power can be a little
after the actual pluck.

Even with the bass track isolated on the master, in the end I was
forced to band pass filter out the mid-frequency sound of the plectrum
on the strings to get the onset, and then create a synthetic envelope
from that using the lag CHOP and other envelope tools. In a mix, you
probably won't be able to isolate the plectrum sound, and so you may
be forced to tap in the rhythm of the bass line using a keyboard chop
or some other input device, and create a synthetic envelope that way.


On 15/03/06, Larry Giunta <larry at gcreativestudios.com> wrote:
> Were using chops to import audio
> track ( music ) which are then used to drive
> animation ....... birthing blast of
> particles and pulsing waves through geometry, etc.
> With some massaging in chops we're able
> to very easily pull some rhythmic spikes
> off of certain tracks and get great results.
> With other tracks it's very difficult to isolate the
> high points we need to grab. Most of the time
> we are trying to pull out strong bass lines or
> drum beats ( kind of club type music with repeating
> beats).
> I'm wondering if there are any chops we're
> overlooking that might help us isolate out the
> parts of the tracks we're trying key off of???
> Right now we're playing a lot with the resample and
> filter (with sharpen) to create distinct high points.
> Thanks for any thoughts.
> Larry
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