[Sidefx-houdini-list] audio - chops

David Robert david at sidefx.com
Wed Mar 15 13:59:18 EST 2006

Hi Larry,

I'll send you something. Maybe it can help.
You can do a poorman's frequency analysis
with a filterbank using narrow filter bands.
For most uses (like pulling bass,mid,treble out)
is does the trick. This is easier/more intuitive
to work with than the spectrum chop which
does actual FFT for analysis and resynthesis.


Larry Giunta wrote:

> Were using chops to import audio
> track ( music ) which are then used to drive
> animation ....... birthing blast of
> particles and pulsing waves through geometry, etc.
> With some massaging in chops we're able
> to very easily pull some rhythmic spikes
> off of certain tracks and get great results.
> With other tracks it's very difficult to isolate the
> high points we need to grab. Most of the time
> we are trying to pull out strong bass lines or
> drum beats ( kind of club type music with repeating
> beats).
> I'm wondering if there are any chops we're
> overlooking that might help us isolate out the
> parts of the tracks we're trying key off of???
> Right now we're playing a lot with the resample and
> filter (with sharpen) to create distinct high points.
> Thanks for any thoughts.
> Larry

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