[Sidefx-houdini-list] Compositing -> Deep Raster -> Targa

Marshall Petersen hfsidefx at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 11:55:19 EST 2006

Well I've been playing around with the Tiff's and I'm still having
problems. First I changed the renders to Tiffs, and the data types to
Float. However this was giving me blank results on the zDepth, so I
then changed the variable from Pz to just P, thinking that I could
then extract that data from the Blue channel of the tiff, but it still
seems to be clipping the data. Any other ideas??  Any help would be
great thanks.


On 3/6/06, Mark Alexander <malexander at sidefx.com> wrote:
> Targa only supports 8bit images, so what's happening is your depth,
> which is likely greater than 1, is being clipped to the 0-1 range. So
> you get 0 for pixels where no objects are, and your clipped depth (1)
> for your objects - which looks like an alpha matte.
> Try TIFF instead - it supports 32 bit floating point images, and should
> store your Z maps with ease.
> M.
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