[Sidefx-houdini-list] Compositing -> Deep Raster -> Targa

Huey Freeman hfsidefx at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 11:11:14 EST 2006

I seem to have trouble when I use the deep raster (Houdini 7.0) and
have the output sent to targa files. I have a couple of custom
variables I'm trying to output, and a zDepth Map. When I have the
images output as .pic file they work fine, everything shows up how it
is supposed to. But when I try to render out the images, and variables
as seperate targa files, everything seems to goto hell in a
handbasket. My first thought was to change the variable from Float
Data, to 16 bit Data, this seems to solve some of the problems. But
the Z depth (Pz Variable) seems to be just be a duplicate of the Alpha
channel, (there are only two values, and no gradient), while my other
variables seem to work fine. My goal is to render these out with 
zDepth, so I can composite them together using shake. If anyone has
ideas on why my zDepth isn't working or a different solution altogher
either would be great. I'm a student currently, and am curious to know
how something like this is set up in production. Thanks...

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