[Sidefx-houdini-list] Batch render

steven ong steve_nong at pointy.tv
Mon Mar 6 00:43:31 EST 2006

In Houdini 8.0, you can daisy chain ROPs together to do batch
rendering. Usually, the ROPs are in list mode. Switch to Network mode
(type "t") to have access to the input & output.


> Hi,
> I'm trying to use a few:
> %hscript "file name" < "render script"
> commands inside a .bat file to do a batch render of a bunch of really
> huge images.
> This has always worked fine for batch rendering frame sequences but
> since these are single frames, hscript ends um launching several
> mantra processes at once and in no time I'm out of Ram and this get
> messy.
> I'm sure there is a better way to do batch renders of this kind and
> it would be great if this was in built into the GUI some how.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks a lot.
> Marcos K.
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