[Sidefx-houdini-list] Smoothing Filter In Houdini

Sean Lewkiw sean.lewkiw at framestore-cfc.com
Sat Mar 4 06:33:20 EST 2006

I think you can write a VEX that does the same thing as the Realflow 
smoothing algorithm.  Basically, after converting to poly, you just 
subtract some percentage of the average of the point positions of every 
points nearest neighbor, and do as many iterations of this as necessary 
to get the thin streamy look.  I think.  This is something that Joe 
Thornley, (founder of the Thornley Null ©) showed me.


Peter Bowmar wrote:

>Smooth SOP is key. Also, and this is kind of weird, if you move the
>Frequency up above 1 or 2 (forget which) things get really bad, but if
>you keep going past 2, then things start to look really nice again.
>You have to use Convert Meta to get polygons first of course.
>Peter B
>On 04/03/06, Jaideep Khadilkar <iamjaideep80 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Hi Everybody.........
>> Just wanted to know whether Houdini Metaballs has a smooth filtering like, Realflow. In Houdini, main problem I am facing is to creat thin fluid flow. I tried to play with size and weight parameters, but not getting thin flow. Or increasing the numer of particles is the only option?????
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