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Yukio Ando yukio-ando at exa-corp.co.jp
Thu Mar 2 23:22:39 EST 2006

Good day,
Check it out.


Original document wrote Keita Maeda.
He is my coworker.
Best regards,

// Yukio Andoh * EXA Corporation

On 2006/03/02, at 19:27, Jaideep Khadilkar wrote:

> Hi Everybody.....
>  I remember, I had seen  a webpage which contained lots and lots of  
> Vex shader Examples. I didn't download those shaders at that time,  
> cause I didn't know much abt Vex at that time. But now I can't find  
> that site.
>  I think the site was.....
>  http://www.nk-exa.co.jp/houdini/vex/
>  But its not working now. It is called "Happy Rendering with  
> VEX"( I think)
>  Anybody knows or has download Vex Shaders from there?????
>  Can u Help Me.
>  ---------iamjaideep80
>  Jaideep Khadilkar
>  TD,Sciclone Motion Graphics
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