[Sidefx-houdini-list] Re: T-splines

Lucio Flores dogboy_l at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 13:46:09 EST 2006

--- jrutherford at stclaircollege.ca wrote:

> One of my students was showing me a plug-in for Maya called
> T-splines...anybody play with this or have heard if it will show up in
> Houdini???  or if it should??  I see that you have to convert to nurbs or
> polys to render in renderman.
> Jim

Very interesting. When I first read the subject, I assumed that it was some
buzzword for an already existing technology. I looked up some of the papers,
and I was wrong! It's a generalization of bspline surfaces in that they allow
t-junctions in their control cage instead of having unecessarily extend the
cage where it's not needed. The tech also extends to subdivision surface cages,
requiring way fewer subdivisions, while acheiving the same accuracy. 



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