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Better yet, capture the screen with something like Camtasia, SnagIt, or  
FRAPs so we can actually see what is happening on the screen and make that a  
movie with the audio over it like the guys at 3DBuzz and make it  downloadable...  
Or sell it.
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goldfarb at corefa.com writes:

two things:

1) when will those of us in Toronto get  courses like this?

2) I'd like to suggest right now that this course  should be VIDEO TAPPED 
and put, with all the files needed etc on a DVD and  sold for $49.95 
USD...it can't be that big a deal to do it...what about  getting the 
gnomon guys to package it up? they have all the infrastructure  for it - 
they'd just need the raw video and files etc...?

SESI is  WAY BEHIND on things like this!
Alias have been putting out DVDs of their  SIGGRAPH Master Classes for 
years - and all they are is some guy talking  in front of a class....

aliza sorotzkin wrote:
> Intermediate Dynamics
> Training Course
> Side  Effects Software is hosting a one-day intermediate-level training 
>  course that teaches techniques for creating dynamic simulations with 
>  Houdini Dynamic Operators (DOPS). The DOPS workshop will be very 
>  hands-on, and attendees will have the opportunity to work with many 
>  different types of dynamic systems. You will learn how the dynamics 
>  architecture is set up and how it relates to the rest of Houdini. In 
>  addition, attendees will learn great tips and tricks for building 
>  complex, production-driven simulations.
> The instructor for  this course is 25-year CG veteran, Craig Zerouni who 
> is a production  consultant at Side Effects Software. Craig has extensive 
> experience  in film production and television commercial production, and 
> his  background includes programming, animating, effects direction and 
>  technical direction. Craig frequently writes editorial columns for 
>  leading industry publications, and he is a regular columnist for 3D 
>  World. Currently, Craig is writing a book about using Houdini more 
>  effectively.
> Who
> All Houdini animators!  Attendees do not need any specific DOPS 
> experience, although some  Houdini experience is a pre-requisite. At a 
> minimum, those interested  in this course should feel comfortable with 
> Houdini's workflow and  editors. Anyone who has attended a Houdini Boot 
> camp are perfectly  prepared for this course.
> When
> Saturday,  March 18, 2006
> 9:45am - 5:30pm
> Where
>  Side Effects Software
> 233 Wilshire Blvd. #610
> Santa Monica, CA  90401
> Tel: (310) 319 9876
> Parking: Public parking lots on 2nd,  3rd & 4th Streets off Wilshire Blvd.
> Cost
> This  one-day training course is available for only $250.00.
>  Contact us at training at sidefx.com to reserve your spot!   Additional  
> classes may be added with demand.
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