[Sidefx-houdini-list] houdini crashes...

Dries dries at urga.be
Wed Mar 1 05:41:47 EST 2006

Finally made some progress. The problems I had with 64bit seem unrelated 
to the 32bit problem. In 32bit houdini, I couldn't see my nfs shares. 
This was due to a compatibility problem between my apple nfs server 
(64bit) and a 32bit nfs linux client, according to this article:

Although I'm not running the server version of apple, the -32bitclients 
option seemed to work just as well for the normal OS x tiger.

So that is solved (for the people who thought I was way out of control 
there ;-))

Still, I would like your comment on the 64bit version of houdini and 
would like to know what distro you are running with what graphics card. 
I'm asking not because I desperately want 64bit functionality, but it 
looks as if we finally have arrived at the point were everything is 
switching to 64bit. Usefull tools and plugins are finally getting there 
and it becomes harder to run a combi system than a pure 64bit system 
(java, flash, and this annoying nfs bug for example.)

I know one Mark form sesi is running debian unstable, but that scares me 
a bit. Although I'm willing to do some maintenance, I'm afraid with such 
a system, I'll do but maintenance. So, if anyone is running complete 
64bit succesfully, please let me know. I have this bug in Ubuntu now, 
but apart from that, I really like that distro. The others I used were 
gentoo and Suse, and if they have reached full 64bit by now, I would 
like to know about your experience.

Thank you all for putting up with me here.


Dries wrote:

> Yes, if I have to I'll do the searching with hexpand, but I'm 
> suspecting the reason why the path object works on 32bit originated 
> files and not on new files when using 64bit houdini is internal 
> kitchen compiling peculiarties. So as John suggested on the forums, 
> probably wiser to get the 32 bit version running as it should under 
> Ubuntu. So, the call still stands: who is running houdini on Ubuntu on 
> a 64 bit machine (either in 32bit or 64bit mode). At what time do you 
> set LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable ('cause in gnome, it seems that this var 
> gets overwritten when in /etc/profile), and what does your 
> /etc/ld.so.conf file look like?
> So, I thought of the same, but I doubt I'll ever pin it down like that 
> Ben. As a last option, i'll keep it open. If I haven's swithed to SUSE 
> by then.
> Ben Schrijvers wrote:
>> Hi Dries,
>> Good to see you're using Houdini again!
>> So you say that in an old (32 bit) hipfile you can create a new Path 
>> Object without the crash, or just change it?
>> Because I think if you can create one then it isn't the system, but 
>> probably Houdini itself.
>> It seems something is stored in the hipfile.. some setting or 
>> something else.
>> You could load your old 32bit file in the 64bit setup and save it 
>> again. Just without changing anything.
>> Then the difference between the new and the old file might lead you 
>> to the a more precise pin down.
>> Just use the diff command or something... Maybe even do a hexpand to 
>> get all ascii.
>> cheers,
>> benS
>> Dries wrote:
>>> Does anybody out here has 64bit Houdini running on Debian or Ubuntu? 
>>> Apart from this path object bug, there doesn't seem to be any other 
>>> issue. I noticed that the crash occurs only when moving the mouse. 
>>> You can set a start point but moving the mouse after that 
>>> segmentation faults. Grrr. I'm so close. The REALLY weird thing is 
>>> that when using a .hip file that was started on a 32 bit version, 
>>> the path object works just fine. A new hip file doesn't.
>>> Among the things I've tried to resolve this: delete all the 
>>> non-default otl's, rename my $HOME/houdini8.0 directory, create new 
>>> desktop,... I tried all this with the latest 64 bit build: 8.0.517
>>> I also tried to revert back to a 32 bit version (8.0.523), but then 
>>> houdini doesn't seem to recognize my nfs mounts anymore. Could 
>>> ASSUME_KERNEL have something to do with that?
>>> System information:
>>> AMD 64x2 (dual core)
>>> kernel 2.6.12-10-amd64-k8-smp
>>> Nvidia Geforce 6600 GT PCI Express
>>> Nvidia drivers 1.0-8178
>>> At first I thought the path object bug was related to openGL 
>>> graphics, but I'm ruling that out now since I have the same problem 
>>> on a machine with AGP 8x Geforce 5200.
>>> Can somebody help me pin down this little bugger?
>>> Thanks.
>>> Dries.
>>> Riot wrote:
>>>> The path crash also affect me.
>>>> Dried, I have optimized your crash, create the path object
>>>> directly on viewport (interactive), this way make the
>>>> crash faster ;)
>>>> system info:
>>>> Linux version 2.6.8-11-amd64-k8 (Debian 3.4.3-13) (64bits)
>>>> Houdini 8.0.500 (x86_64)
>>>> GeForce FX 5700 (AGP)
>>>> NVIDIA Linux x86_64 NVIDIA Kernel Module  1.0-8178
>>>> VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8385 [K8T800 AGP] Host Bridge
>>>> Víctor M.
>>>> On 1/14/06, Dries <dries at urga.be> wrote:
>>>>> I'm running it on either Suse 10 or Ubuntu 5.10, it seems to 
>>>>> affect all
>>>>> builds later than 8.0.383,
>>>>> I use the 64 bit versions though. I know this isn't tried and tested,
>>>>> but other than this path object problem I don't seem to have any 
>>>>> other
>>>>> issues with 64 bit.
>>>>> D.
>>>>> Dante Allegria wrote:
>>>>>> No problems here on WinXP SP2, 8.0.410. Does it happen on the latest
>>>>>> build?
>>>>>> dante
>>>>>> --- Dries <dries at urga.be> wrote:
>>>>>>> One prominent crash I come accross with the latest build (in 
>>>>>>> fact, I
>>>>>>> had
>>>>>>> to go back to build 8.0.383 to work around it) is this:
>>>>>>> new Houdini session, lay down a path object. Hit enter to go 
>>>>>>> into the
>>>>>>> path state and as soon as I click once in the viewport: 
>>>>>>> segmantation
>>>>>>> fault.
>>>>>>> Has anybody else experienced this?
>>>>>>> cheers,
>>>>>>> D.
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