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Jaideep Khadilkar iamjaideep80 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 1 01:56:28 EST 2006

 Thanks mstory & Jan for ur Reply.
 I didn't know abt the OTL thing. I had used it with vex, but didn't know that it is avilable for mentalray also. Thanks.
 But I still have a question. In our OTL or mi Declaration file, we don't declare the name of do/dso/dll file, that is, the compiled version of our shader. Then how Houdini knows, that which so file link to add to rendering mi file. 
 Or, it is just that, if ur shader name is ABC it adds link ABC.so to ur final mi file. 
 Again, I have a dbg_material.mi Declaration file, I created OTL from it using mids. I created a scene in Houdini, and attached that shader to an Object. 
 I copied dbg_material.so file to appropriate folder. When I rendered it uing ray3 in shell I get message, "failed to load library dbg_material.so : undefined symbol : dbg_num_rays"
 I thought may be, I have copied my .so file to wrong path. So I changed my mi file(Which is used for rendering), and changed link to  /home/sys2/dbg_material.so(A specific path). Now it MR must find the .so file. But again it is giving the same message. "failed to load library dbg_material.so : undefined symbol : dbg_num_rays".
 Can u explain me where I am going wrong?
  Jaideep Khadilkar
  TD,Sciclone Motion Graphics

Jan Walter <jwalter at d2.com> wrote: http://www.wahn.demon.co.uk/ShaderWriting/Filmakademie/index.html

... contains some help with how to compile and where to put the files ...

... and Mark is right. I use:

 > mids -l ~/houdini8.0/otls/OPmentalray.otl *.mi

... to install all my (.mi) header files into one library which can be 
installed within Houdini via File->Install Operator Type Library ...

With .mi header file I mean a file like this:

declare shader
        color "mi_dd_default_surface" (
                scalar          "Ka",
                scalar          "Kd"
        version 1
        apply material
end declare

Which is NOT a .mi file you would render from the command line BUT a 
description of your shader (name, parameters, type, etc.). For Maya you 
can use similar header files (with comments for default values), for XSI 
you would have to create a SPDL file, but we are dealing with Houdini 
here. So "mids" uses those header files to create the OTL library which 
will place your shaders into the proper section of SHOPs ...

I hope that helps ...



Jaideep Khadilkar wrote:

>Hi Everybody..........
> Wanted to ask some thing abt Houdini MentalRay setup. I went thru the docs at odwiki. They r good, but I have some doubts. 
> After creating shader declaration file(mi file) we create C Skeleton from it using mkmishader tool. Then we create ds (Dialog Script) from mi File. And Keep it in houdini/shop location. Then we specify the ds file in SHOPsurface file. I got everything right upto this point. But how to use the C file we created. We have to compile it, right ???? How to compile it. If not, where to keep the mi and C file. 
> how to link the ds file with the C file?????? 
> Waiting for ur Reply.
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> Jaideep Khadilkar
> TD,Sciclone Motion Graphics
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