[Sidefx-houdini-list] RE: Other Linux Options

Doug Struthers dragonfly at dougstruthers.com
Mon Jul 31 11:53:31 EDT 2006


AMD 3800 x64 dual and Houdini8.1.673 64bit

We are experiencing problems with Suse10.1

Things like the clock getting set to other date and times on reboot,
disabling a user account on reboot, and others.  The os is installed on 3
identical systems.

To isolate this as hardware or os we want to load an alternative.  We
thought to try a "paid for" release of Redhat.

What other options should I consider?  I sure don't want to pay those annual

Are there things in the bios that I should be setting to run under Linux?
For example power management.

Thanks for any help.

BTW, I worked yesterday with 4gb ram and a heavy .hip file and the extra
memory really helped a lot.


Doug Struthers

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