[Sidefx-houdini-list] COP bright broken?

Craig Zerouni craig at sidefx.com
Fri Jul 28 14:25:32 EDT 2006

My bet is on "no they won't". I just don't think there is enough money 
in the high-end space to interest a company the size of Apple. What they 
do next will be a prosumer (I hate that word!) product that they can 
sell thousands of copies of at $300 on Mac only. You can smack me around 
with these words in 2 years if I'm wrong!


Peter Robbinson wrote:
> Yes, Shake is done, but presumably Apple will be replacing it with
> something "better". There are alot more Shake than Nuke users and I
> would expect dedicated Shake users to switch to whatever Apple comes up
> with.
> PeterR
> On Fri, 2006-28-07 at 11:57 -0400, John Coldrick wrote:
>> On Friday 28 July 2006 11:46, Peter Robbinson wrote:
>>> On Fri, 2006-28-07 at 15:33 +0100, louis at realisestudio.com wrote:
>>>> Dudes, lets be clear aboutthis, COPs needs to compete against Nuke, not
>>>> Shake. It's all there for the taking!
>>> Why do you say this Louis?
>> 	I suspect because Shake is dead, no further development is being done on it 
>> and there's not a lot of serious highend compositing apps out there except 
>> Discreet(get your wallet out), Nuke(bit of a curve, but has a great toolset), 
>> and Digital Fusion(which I saw demoed a month ago and it put me to sleep).
>> 	To be honest, I never really ranked COPs as a serious competetor to the 
>> dedicated highend compositing, simply because there are some very basic nodes 
>> missing(a decent keyer, tracker and painter for the most part).  It is a 
>> good, basic compositing tool, however, once they get the bugs ironed out.
>> 	Cheers,
>> 	J.C.

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