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Peter Bowmar pbowmar at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 12:07:03 EDT 2006

Hi Jerry,
      I'd suggest doing one very good FX shot if that's what you're
interested in doing. A short you do for yourself, but 1.5 minutes is a
very long time, probably take you a year to do well, and if you want
to do FX work, most of it won't help.
     Think up a cool shot, shoot back plates on the best video gear
you can find, then spend 2-3 months really making it look good. That's
a good start :)


Peter B

On 28/07/06, info at 1stopsolutions.net <info at 1stopsolutions.net> wrote:
> Well my business is now closed as of today so now I can dedicate myself 100% to
> my demo reel and finding a 3D job! I have two different ideas of hwhat to do
> for my demo reel and was wanting some feedback, escpecially from those of you
> who actually look at them and do hiring. Mine goal is to become a Houdini
> Effects TD. The two main ideas I have are to do several complex effects shots
> or to complete a 1.5 min short that I have been wanting to do for a long time.
> The short contains effects but is primarly animation. The short would show
> extensive use of the procedural workflow, animation, instancing, lighting,
> particle effects, and some DOPs. Then I thought I would end either one with
> breakdowns of how I accomplished the shots.
> I am leaning heavily toward doing the short but really wanted to hear if I was
> on the right track before investing lots of time into it.
> Thanks, Jerry
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