[Sidefx-houdini-list] COP bright broken?

Jed Schwartz jed at jedschwartz.com
Fri Jul 28 09:33:04 EDT 2006

I think I started this thread and I agree and with every point you  
make here.

But... In the hope of being positive and proactive in our effort to  
get what many of us are looking for (Stable COPs), I think we need  
not just to complain, but use the sesi support pipeline we (or our  
bosses) are all paying for, and pump every buggy COP .hip we find  
into the support system.

I sent the bright COP problem .hip to support, Mark looked over the  
file and discovered that the problem was in the way frame range  
behaves in the latest release. I know its a small thing, but at  3AM  
when your trying to finish up a shot to make deadline its always the  
little things that get us!

 From Mark"

"Any COP is *supposed* to automatically extend its frame range to  
accommodate larger keyframe animations - I guess this is not working.  
With all the changes to channels and parms in 8, I can't say I'm  
entirely surprised."

Mark's quick response  reminded me that  sesi does care about  this  
issue and without our problem .hips it will probably take the  
developers much longer to get COPs in working order-

btw, you do not need to include source images, a lot can be gleaned  
from the raw .hip which as we all know if really easy to blast off to  

Hope this makes sense!


On Jul 28, 2006, at 8:56 AM, Paul Simpson wrote:

> Add many years of screams from Realise too.  COP's is in an  
> absolutely abysmal
> state right now.  We find ourselves running COP's on Houdini 7 just  
> in order
> to get some semblance of stability.
> The thing I just dont understand is that even the most basic things  
> aren't
> seeming to work.  So a simple comp with some colour correction,  
> roto splines,
> witha few layers and you're into a world of pain.
> We have wasted countless hours trying to workaround all the  
> issues.  We just
> need COPs to be STABLE!  I'd forgo lots of new fancy cosmetic  
> features in
> Houdini 9 just to get a compositor that works.  COP's have been  
> around for
> years now - it really is up to Sesi to get this working - and test
> themselves.  I'm tired of "beta" testing a 4+ year old part of the  
> system
> that should be mature by now.  Especially after all the hype we  
> were fed...
> COP's is vitally important to us, and it's obviously been put on  
> the back
> burner at Sesi for way too long...  As a long time Houdini  
> advocate, I must
> say I'm extremely disappointed with the whole episode...  Not upto  
> Sesi's
> usual high QA standards.
> On Wednesday 26 July 2006 4:10 pm, Simon Barrick wrote:
>> Yup, add our screams if H8.1 hasn't fixed all the issues, haven't  
>> tried
>> it yet and was reallying hoping it was going to be the answer, but it
>> sounds like it isn't and that definetely sucks. Looks like we'll be
>> sticking to H7 for that too.
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