[Sidefx-houdini-list] simple expression problem

Rob Pieké pieke at corefa.com
Thu Jul 27 10:29:42 EDT 2006

Bah ... apparently the attachment in my reply was too big. It may get 
through the moderator onto the list eventually but, until then, here's a 
compressed version of the scene which should be small enough to go 
straight through.

And, from the reply I posted:

* * * * *
Is this close to what you're looking for?
I used a CHOP network to grab the slope (velocity), take the absolute 
value, and then take the area (now the absolute distance) and then 
exported a scaled version of that to the rotation.
* * * * *

>> I have tube traveling in y axis up and down
>> then I copied ty chanel into another tube rotation y
>> like this ch("/obj/null1/ty")
>> problem I have is how to write that ty value in ry field will add to 
>> itself-now it is going 360 degrees forth and back
>> because ty is going from positive to negative value!
>> I would like ry to go from 0-xdegrees depending on how many times ty 
>> goes up and down
>> once its 360, twice is 720 degrees....and stay always in set direction 
>> not swinging from + to - value
>> I know this is totaly simple for most of the guys out there so dont laugh
>> thanks
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