[Sidefx-houdini-list] COP bright broken?

Mark Alexander malexander at sidefx.com
Wed Jul 26 14:51:11 EDT 2006

Hi Jed,

You can send the hip file to support, and just leave the images out. 
What I usually do is replace all the files with 'default.pic'. I do this 
  by using the Find Operator dialog in the network view (hotkey /). 
Find all the File nodes, then click 'Select Matches', and change the 
resolution to 'Specific Res' and frame range to 'override' in the parm 
dialog, before changing the filename to 'default.pic'. Works for most 
cases (unless the bug is a bad TIFF file or something).

Hip files are always helpful and welcomed. There are literally thousands 
of variations when dealing with large networks - trying to find the 
proper combo to trigger a certain bug based on a description isn't 
always possible. 99% of the simple cases we've already found & fixed 
with internal testing & regression testing. It's the complex ones that 
generally slip through.

I listen to any screaming :) and attempt to recreate the situation and 
test it. There have been recent fixes to periodic Color picker crashes, 
Rotoshape feathering memory leaks and File COP slowness from such 
directed testing. The more specific the description, the more likely a 
fix is. And a hip file with re-creation steps is about as specific as 
you can get. A stack trace from the crash, if it prints it out, is also 


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