[Sidefx-houdini-list] COP bright broken?

Jed Schwartz jed at jedschwartz.com
Wed Jul 26 12:17:47 EDT 2006

Hi John,

I'm running  8.1.655 linux Ent4

I agree that this is the logical way to go about it, and I have sent  
my share of files to SESI.
It seems (maybe I'm wrong, god knows I'm not sure about this) that  
many of the compositing issues are site system specific-  They also  
usually crank up as the node count in your cop goes up- I spent an  
hour this AM trying to narrow the bright bug down to a simple file I  
could send to support- I can't get the same results until the cop  
gets more complex- It's tough to send the entire source lib to  
support- Not sure that unless they had the same sys set up (graphics  
card etc.) they would get the same results-?

I know this is a complex issue, but as Floyd said, the stability was  
there is rel 7-
Seems well worth the effort to address these issues now so we will  
have a production proof H-Compositor  in the future-



On Jul 26, 2006, at 11:50 AM, John Coldrick wrote:

> On Wednesday 26 July 2006 09:46, Jed Schwartz wrote:
>> Yea, I have found a few ways to work around the problem. It just
>> seems kind of crazy to have to spend the extra time to do this sort
>> of thing.
> 	You haven't mentioned which version you're using(unless I missed  
> it).  Also,
> you haven't mentioned the bit depth of images(8 bit, float, mixed)  
> - that can
> make a difference.  I can certainly animate the Bright COP here  
> without
> trouble.  It's either the version you're running, or more likely  
> some sort of
> combination of things you're doing that's triggering something  
> bad.  In the
> case of something fundamental like this, I would do the following,  
> in this
> order:
> 	1.  Upgrade to latest version, see if it repros.
> 	2.  If yes, then try to quickly strip things down to a simple  
> combination of
> COPs that can still repro it(that's the beta tester in me, skip  
> this if you
> want).
> 	3.  Send the hip off to SESI support and get them to look at it.   
> I'm pretty
> sure they'd be appreciative if you can find something as basic as  
> that which
> crashes.
> 	Cheers,
> 	J.C.
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