[Sidefx-houdini-list] COP bright broken?

Jed Schwartz jed at jedschwartz.com
Wed Jul 26 11:37:02 EDT 2006

I couldn't agree more!  We have Macs in the studio, so no real  
hardship in moving to a Mac based compositor, but it seems crazy to  
be complacent about the steady slide of reliability in the H  

Sometimes I think the user base doesn't really care much about COPs.  
To me this is huge, its where we have lost the most production hours  
because of bugs and unresolved issues.

I  hope those of you who have SESI's ear will do your best to  
convince them that this should be a major action item.

Thanks for the feedback!


On Jul 26, 2006, at 11:09 AM, Floyd Gillis wrote:

> Add my scream.
> Have tried the previously posted recommended settings that are  
> supposed
> to "fix" the compositor, but still feel like I'm banging two rocks
> together.
> Compositing used to be one of my favorite parts of a production.   
> It was
> highly interactive, and extremely rewarding to finally see all your
> elements come together, yet still have so much creative control to
> change and finesse the look of everything... on-the-fly... with a
> deadline looming.
> There is something seriously wrong with the compositor... it has  
> become
> unusable as a truly interactive creative tool.  I don't know if its
> memory management issues, disk access issues, file management issues,
> image format issues, or what, but (what used to be) a simple  
> network can
> bring it to its knees.  It seems to be going off and wasting an
> incredible amount of time for the simplest things... like picking an
> undisplayed tile, or deleting a tile that's not even connected to the
> network.  If I didn't know better I'd say it keeps going back to disk
> and re-reading every referenced image file whenever you update
> something.  Whatever it's doing, it's too much overhead and it
> interferes with the proper functioning of the software.
> I'm currently running h8.1.655, and because of the frustration, I've
> given up on its compositor.  I go back to h7.0.555... and the
> "joy-of-comping" returns.  It's fast and "fun" to use.  This is  
> probably
> the most frustrating part... if I hadn't used the software in the  
> past,
> and didn't know how it "should" operate, I would probably accept its
> current state as normal.  After all, it is doing a lot of complex
> processing on a lot of files.  But when I have on older version of the
> same software I have to keep switching back to in order to work
> efficiently... that sucks.
> Compositing is a major part of any production.  The Houdini compositor
> IS GREAT and I love(ed) using it.  Something's broken.  Fix it.
> My 2 cents.
> Floyd
> P.S. Most of my work is done at NTSC resolution with 8 bit per channel
> images... probably the least taxing format people are still using.   
> The
> compositor bogs down even when working with 1/2 res images.
> -------------------------
>> I'd like to see a concerted screaming match with Sidefx by the user
> base, to put more resources towards the compositor. We can have all  
> the
> bells and whistles we
> like in the rest of Houdini, but pay day comes out of the composit.
> PeterR
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