[Sidefx-houdini-list] COP bright broken?

Simon Barrick simon at primalpictures.com
Wed Jul 26 11:10:22 EDT 2006

Yup, add our screams if H8.1 hasn't fixed all the issues, haven't tried
it yet and was reallying hoping it was going to be the answer, but it
sounds like it isn't and that definetely sucks. Looks like we'll be
sticking to H7 for that too.

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Add my scream.

Have tried the previously posted recommended settings that are supposed
to "fix" the compositor, but still feel like I'm banging two rocks

Compositing used to be one of my favorite parts of a production.  It was
highly interactive, and extremely rewarding to finally see all your
elements come together, yet still have so much creative control to
change and finesse the look of everything... on-the-fly... with a
deadline looming.

There is something seriously wrong with the compositor... it has become
unusable as a truly interactive creative tool.  I don't know if its
memory management issues, disk access issues, file management issues,
image format issues, or what, but (what used to be) a simple network can
bring it to its knees.  It seems to be going off and wasting an
incredible amount of time for the simplest things... like picking an
undisplayed tile, or deleting a tile that's not even connected to the
network.  If I didn't know better I'd say it keeps going back to disk
and re-reading every referenced image file whenever you update
something.  Whatever it's doing, it's too much overhead and it
interferes with the proper functioning of the software.

I'm currently running h8.1.655, and because of the frustration, I've
given up on its compositor.  I go back to h7.0.555... and the
"joy-of-comping" returns.  It's fast and "fun" to use.  This is probably
the most frustrating part... if I hadn't used the software in the past,
and didn't know how it "should" operate, I would probably accept its
current state as normal.  After all, it is doing a lot of complex
processing on a lot of files.  But when I have on older version of the
same software I have to keep switching back to in order to work
efficiently... that sucks.

Compositing is a major part of any production.  The Houdini compositor
IS GREAT and I love(ed) using it.  Something's broken.  Fix it.

My 2 cents.


P.S. Most of my work is done at NTSC resolution with 8 bit per channel
images... probably the least taxing format people are still using.  The
compositor bogs down even when working with 1/2 res images.


> I'd like to see a concerted screaming match with Sidefx by the user
base, to put more resources towards the compositor. We can have all the
bells and whistles we like in the rest of Houdini, but pay day comes out
of the composit.


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