[Sidefx-houdini-list] voxel renderer (shameless plug)

Peter Bowmar pbowmar at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 15:11:46 EDT 2006

Woo, that looks very cool! And nicely documented too, I must add!

I won't be at Siggraph, love to know how much it costs etc....


Peter B

On 25/07/06, Peter Baldwin <peter_and_emily at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> What follows is a shameless plug for my Houdini plugin the 5x5 Voxel
> Renderer. I'm going to be at Siggraph all next week so if you'd like a
> demo, and if I haven't arranged to meet you yet, please get in touch
> with me (Peter) on enquiry at myrtlesoftware.com. For more details please
> visit http://www.myrtlesoftware.com/index.php/fivebyfive.
> Trying to produce spectacular volumetric effects? You should be using
> the 5x5 Voxel Renderer!
> Myrtle Software's 5x5 Voxel Renderer is the world's first commercial
> voxel renderer capable of producing all the intermediate images required
> for production quality volumetric effects like smoke, clouds, fire and
> splashing water. It is uniquely designed to give you a higher level of
> control, allowing you to preview effects as they are constructed - at
> any resolution. This means you can flip-book the look and motion of your
> effect in a realistic time before you render.  Its resolution
> independent method of describing volumetric effects provides a unique
> artist-friendly work flow allowing you to build seriously complex effects!
> 5x5 Features and Benefits
>     *Completely scalable! Volumetric stamping feature allows you to use
> existing volumetrics as elements
>     *Simple deep shadow map generation for all volumetrics created -
> even stamped effects
>     *Simple object matte generation - no need to re-render the
> volumetric every time an object's path through it changes
>     *Comprehensive visual feedback includes view-port volumetric
> previews and front-to-back OpenGL preview renders
>     *Unique resolution independent method of describing volumetric
> effects allows you to combine effects in complex new ways
>     *Multi-pass renderer - produces a collection of key images, masks
> and mattes enabling lighting to be controlled in a composite after rendering
>     *Simple to integrate into any existing pipeline
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