[Sidefx-houdini-list] Mantra/VEX conceptual brain block

Louis louis at realisestudio.com
Tue Jul 25 11:40:11 EDT 2006

wierd, the frontface VOP is falling over for me in Mantra on a curve 
primitive with a width and orient attribute. If I do some simple mucking 
about with the normals (Bump map etc.) and then try to frontface the 
result it falls over. ie the resulting normal pumped into a Lighting VOP 
gives the wrong result.

Methinks I may have to roll my own.. :'(

Ben Schrijvers wrote:
> Hi Mario,
> Uhm yeah putting the i inside the function is not a good idea.
> As still in shading context it might be used for a ray/vector that's 
> being reflected.
> And like you say in other contexts it would be useless..
> cheers,
> benS
> Mario Marengo wrote:
>> On May 16, 2006 02:45 pm, Ben Schrijvers wrote:
>>> Hi Mario,
>>> Hmmm I'm not sure about this one. Maybe it's good that it would fail.
>> Yeah. Actually, the (n!=i) test wouldn't solve anything anyway -- it wouldn't 
>> allow the first (correct) flip, so its sad little attempt to guard against 
>> subsequent (incorrect) flips is really pointless. And it *is* Monday.
>>> I would rather suggest to put a normalized global variable i inside the
>>> function and make it pure camera specific.
>> Though the fact that it is a generic function and not tied to the shading 
>> contexts is a useful thing. How about a compiler-level check -- detect the 
>> duplicate args and pipe up with a really annoying 12-line-long warning 
>> reminding the user not to attempt any serious work on Mondays... or 
>> Tuesdays...
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