[Sidefx-houdini-list] Modeling lines from existing geometry

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I've moaned about the picking options for years, but Sesi seem to think
they work great and don't seem too keen to change them. Keep trying to
bug them about it, maybe one day they'll fold!

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	I just tried this too, and I get the same results.... you can
snap to obscured points.  
	I have submitted this as a bug, a long time ago, and it's been
acknowledged, (actually, it was the fact that you can pick obscured
points in the viewport when grouping that drives me nuts, and the "pick
forward facing/backfacing/both points" option doesn't work properly...
actually, this isn't even enabled when drawing a curve, so even if it
did work, it wouldn't be possible to use it in curve mode... I guess
you're not really "picking" points, but it should still be available,
for the reasons outlined below).
	Dante Allegria wrote: 

		--- Floyd Gillis <floyd at afcg.com>
<mailto:floyd at afcg.com>  wrote:

			I'm trying to interactively build lines from an
existing polygonal
			by snapping from point to point.  I thought
"curve" would be the
			function to use, but it doesn't see the existing
data.  "Polyknit"
			functions exactly as I'd like, but it doesn't
make lines.

		Hmm ... seems to work on my simple case:
		- Put down a Torus SOP from the viewer
		- Put down a Curve SOP from the viewer
		- Turn off the footprint (purple) flag on the torus and
turn on its
		template instead because I only want to snap to it and
not pick from
		- Turn on snapping. Double-check the snapping options
that I'm only
		snapping to points and that Apply To: "Templates" is
		- Click near an existing point on the torus. It seemed
to snap ok.
		- At first, I couldn't see the curve I was building
(because I was
		overlying exactly the same edges?). I had to switch to
wireframe view
		to see the curve.
		- I also tried changing the template display option from
wireframe to
		something else to see the torus better. It would still
snap to the
		obscured points though.
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