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Peter Robbinson probbins at corefa.com
Mon Jul 17 09:47:15 EDT 2006

You'll definitely need good grounding, radiation isn't a concern.

The biggest concern will be heat. I would seriously recommend isolating 
the air supply to the cpu fans.
Using some type of tubing for supply. Having a large fan generally 
blowing on the whole area isn't really going to do
much. I'd likely use the fan to keep your harddrives cool.

If you have the boards just seting out in the open there are a set of 
cables you don't need, primarily those the feed the
lights on the box. Take advantage of the freedom and consider the best 
orientation for the boards to keep all the cables going
in one direction and use cable wraps to contain them. I'm assuming 
you're using SATA drives in which case the cables are quite small.

You could consider using some type of mindrive to carry your OS and usb 
drives for storage. That would change your cabling significantly.

The biggest problem with the onboard graphics is that it uses your 
motherboard ram, it doesn't have any of its own.
That's a huge disadvantage.


Doug Struthers wrote:

>To reduce buzzing fans (and impress my art director clients) I am going to
>attempt to build a computer wall so each motherboard,ps, disk sits on an L
>bracket screwed onto the wall with the mb mounted vertically.  The cpu fans
>will run and a 2nd large but quite fan will sit in front of the motherboard
>and blow gently on it.
>I am using the ASUS microATX Motherboard (M2NPV-VM) $99.00 and AMD 64 Athlon
>X2 with 2gb ram.
>I needed some advice:
>	-  Am I liable to have static, grounding, or radiation problems
>since it is not mounted or shielded by metal?
>	-  Is the cooling going to be sufficient?  I am hoping the little
>blower, very large distribution, and convection (up the wall) will cool it.
>	-  Is anyone using this mb and proc?  I will put SUSE10.1 on it and
>wondered if anyone has done that?
>	-  I hope to use the on-board graphics for my work station.  Will I
>need to put a more robust graphics card in it?
>The downside will be the cabling and I hope to find a way to hide that.
>Doug Struthers
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