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Dries dries at urga.be
Sat Jul 15 08:56:02 EDT 2006

I'm not a character animator, but playing around with the autorig, I was 
wondering if there is something wrong with the arm rig.
In the animator rig, I noticed that the left arm and the right one are 
Right Arm/Arm/FK controls has:
    _Humerus_ Rotate 0 0 0
    Forearm Rotate 0
Left Arm/Arm/FK controls has:
    _Upperarm_ Rotate 0 0 0
    Forearm Rotate 0

As I check it again now, this just seems like a labeling issue (they 
refer to the correct channels). It has probably something to do with 
choosing 'Ulna and Radius' setup or not, whatever that means. Can 
somebody shine a light?

In relation to the rig for the arm, I was wondering whether the lack of 
a box handle is deliberate (by convention, box seems to allow 
translations, sphere allows rotations). I would expect a box handle near 
the elbow if you choose to stick to the default Forward Kinematics for 
the arm.

Other than these initial confusions, I think this autorig is great and 
actually pretty self explanatory. FK/IK blending well implemented and 
even though character animation is not my big thing, it's great to 
impress people who claim they use unbeaten software for their rigs :-).

Anyone who can shine a light on why the rig is what it is, especially 
the arm piece, is most welcome .


Dries Desmet.

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