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Dragos Stefan ds_list at dsg.ro
Thu Jul 13 14:47:09 EDT 2006

What I figured out is:
1. the geometry of the character should be  a file, not an object or subnet
2. you set the geometry file in the autorig field "Geometry file"
3. after you press the "creat/modify/match rig" button on the autorig, 
you'll have 2 additional subnets: the animation rig and the capture rig
4. check that the capture's rig "geometry file" field points to the same 
geometry, go back to the autorig asset, the proxy & capture tab. set the 
display mode to "Handles" and adjust the capture regions
5. Press the "Export data to capture rig" button and un-set the display 
flag on the autorig. You'll still see the geometry, but is the geometry 
  of the capture rig, whose DA is unlocked for further capture painting 
and editing.
Basically from now on you can animate the animation rig, and the capture 
rig will take the animation from it and drive the captured geometry. The 
nice thing is that one cand animate the animation rig while someone else 
tweaks the capture.



zoran arizanovic wrote:
> Hi
> I have done autorig tutorial on my character , it created animation rig 
> and capture rig
> but something i don't get
> -shouldn't now my character geometry deform already? when I pose the 
> animation rig?
> my doesn't seem to be captured
> thanks
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> Zoran Arizanovic
> http://arizanovic.blogspot.com/
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