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Unfortunately to deform a character you will probably need to do some
painting so there will be no one click and deform scenario, not for now
After you created the capture rig you have 2 choices:
1. use the maya way and capture by proximity. to do that you have to
unlock the capture rig and go inside it. In the skin geo you'll find a
simple example of how to capture a piece of geometry. Delete the capture
and deform node. Go back up and enter in the capture geometry tool and in
the operation controls bar change the Type to Proximity and follow the
help line.

2. Export the capture regions information from the autorig. Press the
"export data to capture rig" button. this button will set the right size
for the capture regions and it will use the 2 nodes inside the skin
object. It also unlocks the capture asset for you so you can dive in and
start painting.


 autorig is offering you is the beginning part when you just captured the
> Hi
> I have done autorig tutorial on my character , it created animation rig
> and
> capture rig
> but something i don't get
> -shouldn't now my character geometry deform already? when I pose the
> animation rig?
> my doesn't seem to be captured
> thanks
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> http://arizanovic.blogspot.com/
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