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Jed Schwartz jed at jedschwartz.com
Mon Jul 10 09:56:49 EDT 2006

The plan to take the "User Group meeting" on the post-SIGGRAPH "Road  
Show"  sounds more like a dog and pony sales show than a sit down  
open exchange between the users and the development team.

It doesn't look like  Boston, New York, Torino, Manchester, Auckland,  
Milano Minneapolis, etc.... are on the stop list for the road show.  
Are we all supposed to travel to the nearest "host" city or country  
to participate-?

Where else does SESI have the opportunity to sit down with a  
comprehensive gathering of houdini users from across the globe? If  
I'm not mistaken, this is the first Siggraph since the Prisms days  
that SESI has not hosted a meeting at the conference.

Having not been to Siggraph for several years I don't know how  
productive or useful the past few meetings have been, I'm interested  
to hear how others feel about this-



On Jul 9, 2006, at 12:23 PM, Lisa Reynolds wrote:

>         From: "Peter Bowmar" <pbowmar at gmail.com>
>         Subject: Re: [Sidefx-houdini-list] user group meeting
>         I believe that's correct, there will NOT be a user group  
> meeting at Siggraph.
>         Cheers,
>         Peter B
> Drat! I've missed the last several years of Siggraph, but I'm  
> attending this year and was looking forward to being able to attend  
> a user group meeting.
> -Lisa
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