[Sidefx-houdini-list] Clip SOP question

Lisa Reynolds lisa at red3d.com
Thu Jul 6 18:52:40 EDT 2006

I'm box up modeling a character head and after I model the parts that  
span the center line (mouth, nose) I like to clip the model in half,  
mirror the remaining side, then insert work on the other bits before  
the mirror SOP. What I've seen twice now is that after the Clip SOP  
I'll see 2 or 3 stray edges in the area that was clipped as well as  
maybe an edge still attached to the center line on the Clipped side.  
I can Blast these or dissolve them, but I'm wondering what I'm doing  
that would cause them not to be clipped in the first place? Is there  
a better way to do this?

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