[Sidefx-houdini-list] RE: Side Effects software crashes X

Jason Ang jason.ang at corefa.com
Thu Jul 6 14:38:56 EDT 2006

Where do I sign up for the support group?  Our systems group probably has 
blacklisted me by now.  ;-)

RedHat 7.3
Latest NVIDIA drivers (tried a whole bunch of drivers prior)
GeForce 6800 Ultra
2.4.32 kernel

The problem only occurred when we upgraded my kernel from 2.4.18-4 to 2.4.32. 
Nothing else changed other than kernel compile and install.  Removing Houdini 
fragment shader support didn't help neither.

Mplay crashes the system or puts X in a 100% CPU usage state when run on an 
image larger than random(seed) x random(seed).  Prior to kernel upgrade, mplay 
also put X in a 100% CPU usage but was no where as often as after the kernel 
upgrade.  Due to other interactions, downgrading the kernel is not an option.


Paul Simpson wrote:
> We've had some similar nightmare problems with Houdini's stability.  I haven't 
> enabled the new XGl extensions - so I've discounted them.  However, Houdini 
> and Mantra is regularly freezing X windows on our Suse 10.1 and 10.2 systems.  
> I've also disabled the GL fragment shaders and set mplay to "best 
> compatibility" - still getting 10+ crashes a day which is of course 
> unacceptable.  Sesi know about this...
> One thing I've found that always crashes mplay/X is opening 2k film plates.  
> Sorry to hear your experiencing the same problems - although glad that we're 
> not alone - this needs to get fixed ASAP.  Anyone else experiencing similar 
> problems out there???
> On Thursday 06 July 2006 3:15 am, Calin Casian wrote:
>>I just installed SUSE 10.2 and have the same problem. I believe the
>>issue is due to the new XGL extensions. I enabled XGL and Houdini
>>won't even start (it says that I don't have GLX extension, I was told
>>that the link to the GL library might be broken or is pointing to a
>>wrong one) but when I disabled the XGL Houdini starts but X crashes
>>after a short while.
>>On 5-Jul-06, at 9:17 PM, jrutherford at stclaircollege.ca wrote:
>>>I'm running the Apprentice version with Suse 9.3 and it's quite stable
>>>>   We've installed openSUSE 10.1 on 3 machines, along with the
>>>>8.1.613. With one exception, all of the other computers we have are
>>>>8.0.xxx, but I don't believe this to be related to the problem
>>>>because the
>>>>other 8.1.613 machine that we are using (running Ubuntu 5.10) is
>>>>stable. On the affected computers, mantra works fine, and renders
>>>>problem; however, any Side Effects software that runs in a window
>>>>GNOME and X windows to crash to command line whenever a dialog box is
>>>>and then closed.
>>>>   The problem has been observed using liscense administrator,
>>>>Master and the mplay image viewer. The dialogs that crashed the
>>>>change liscense server when using hkey, the open file dialog with
>>>>which is opened when the program is started and the open file
>>>>dialog in
>>>>Houdini Master. Also interesting is the fact that all of these
>>>>fine unless a dialog is opened, then closed. If mplay is run by
>>>>the image file automatically being selected, the image displays
>>>>with no
>>>>problems and mutliple frames in a series can be viewed. In Houdini
>>>>we can do anything that doesn't involve a dialog box, and context
>>>>present no problem.
>>>>   There are no signs of this issue on the 2 machines we have running
>>>>5.10, but we need to move away from that because of several
>>>>problems we've been having with that OS.
>>>>We are also encountering a similar problem on a windows XP
>>>>machines that
>>>>use as a render node. Windowed Side Effects software causes the
>>>>freeze and be completely unresponsive to any form of input once a
>>>>moved or a menu is opened.
>>>>On all affected systems, the system appears to be completely
>>>>stable under
>>>>all circumstances, unless running Side Effects software.
>>>>Any suggestions appreciated
>>>>Doug Struthers
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