[Sidefx-houdini-list] Subdivision surfaces and normal raster

Jean-Claude Nouchy jclaude at mimgfx.com
Fri Jan 20 20:11:33 EST 2006

Peter Bowmar wrote:
> I have seen this before, somewhen. I think you have to make a very
> simple VEX shader that normalizes the normals, then pipe that out to
> N, or something along those lines. Sorry I can't be more precise, it
> was a long time ago...
> Cheer,s
> Peter B

I just did a further check .. and... doh.

it seems like "there's something" there in the N raster... but I have to 
click on the "adapt to Full Pixel range" button (shift+R) .. and then I 
barely see something that reminds me normals rendering...

now i'm confused about why this is the behavior then ..

if you want to try.. simple scene.. torus.. VOP with (global 
vars)N->normalize->N(output)  as a sHOP applied at SOP (or even at OBJ).

render with Normal raster.

that's it

cheers and thanks for your advice.. now gotta find why I get a strange 
render then. :)
:: jean-claude
:: mimgfx dot com

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