[Sidefx-houdini-list] Subdivision surfaces and normal raster

Jean-Claude Nouchy jclaude at mimgfx.com
Fri Jan 20 20:05:14 EST 2006

Peter Bowmar wrote:
> I have seen this before, somewhen. I think you have to make a very
> simple VEX shader that normalizes the normals, then pipe that out to
> N, or something along those lines. Sorry I can't be more precise, it
> was a long time ago...
> Cheer,s
> Peter B

what I tried right now is a simple VOP which have global variables.. 
from which i normalize the N .. then hook it to N (output)...

I hope this is what you told me.. cause I'm not really good yet in 

OBJ render as is : ok
OBJ render as Poly subd : no render.. just like its not there.. Color 
and alpha are there tought.

hm... is this a bug somehow.. or is, again, just me then?

:: jean-claude
:: mimgfx dot com

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