[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini skills in Resume?

Ben Schrijvers Ben.Schrijvers at framestore-cfc.com
Fri Jan 20 09:49:22 EST 2006

Well it depends how you define "that" in "let's do that", especially 
with something like hair.
Just look around at your colleagues and tell me if there is any hair 
system that would cover them all.
So you probably have to change the hair system for each person a bit. 
Other attributes etc..
Better build it yourselve anyway.. as with most phenomena you want to 
recreate in 3D.
In package B that would be "oh.. um... changing? building? that's gonna 
take a lot of work".


ken wrote:

> The flowfieldSOP is an interesting approach to solve some of the 
> problems of longer fur/hair, but it won't solve everything for you. 
> There isn't a built in hair system in Houdini, but you can make your 
> own. It is unfortunate that you have to do this yourself at the moment 
> either trying to use standard tools "smartly" or in the HDK. It does 
> make it hard to jump on the Houdini train and say "yeah! lets do 
> that!" and then you go "oh..um... that's going to be some work" while 
> package B does it internally right of the bat.
> -k
> Andrew D Lyons wrote:
>> Hair?
>> Have a look at the prototype "flowfield" SOP. I think combined with 
>> the wire
>> solver this may one day do some of what is required. I haven't tried 
>> it out
>> though.
>> Cheers
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