[Sidefx-houdini-list] Companies using Houdini in Shanghai or Beijing ??

Ammon Riley ammon at rhythm.com
Thu Jan 19 22:05:07 EST 2006

zhang xiao wrote:
>      Did you see Promise yet?

No -- I don't think it's had a significant theatrical release, here.
The only info I can find about it says it had a one-week run in one
theatre, just for Oscar season.

> I don't know how western audiance respond to the film, but in china,
> people seems didn't appreciate the director's ambition and effort,
> maybe it's because of the story.

Well, this doesn't look good:


> Same thing happend to Ang Lee's <<crouching tiger hidden dragon>> and
> Zhang Yimou's wu xiang epic films, although they all did pretty good on
> box office.

That's too bad -- personally, I really enjoyed them, but then, I grew
up watching kung fu movies. My cousin hated them because she can't read
fast enough to follow the subtitles. Everyone else I talked to that had
seen them, however, absolutely loved them.

> It's a good sign to see these big budget films come out from mainland
> china anyway, however we still have a lot to catch up in every aspects
> of film making, including VFX, the thing happened to <<PROMISE>> is,
> they didn't have careful plan for the effects, so the schedule was
> pretty much f*** up at the end.

Sounds like a lot of productions here, too. :-P

> But they are learning. The VFX was done by HONGKONG studio-central,
> the same studio who did vfx for <<shaolin soccer>> and <<kongfu
> hustle>>.

Ah, I remember Shaolin Soccer. The effects were pretty cheesy, it was an
absolutely hilarious flick. :)


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