[Sidefx-houdini-list] little problem about Compositing tutorial on sidefx

Peter Bowmar pbowmar at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 14:06:32 EST 2006

I think because it's rendering in the background. Try turning off 
"render in background" on the ROP. Just a guess...


Peter B

Jean-Claude Nouchy wrote:
> I'm right now on the almost last step ... which is the ambient occlusion 
> pass.
> the "problem" is.. (and i found that aint a problem but something just 
> strange) .. all render nodes usually popups the Mantra render status 
> like all we do know.. ok..
> while rendering the occlusion pass... the Mantra rendering (and console 
> here cause i use verbose usually) popups.. but then after it finishes 
> the cook it goes away and i can go back to houdini...
> at first i thought "wtf.. it cant be so fast.." . in fact the image 
> wasnt loading into COPs.. after few others tries (after tricking the 
> parameters i thought was wrong).. same result.. but the machine went 
> almost unusable.. task manager.. et voilat'.. mantra was there still 
> sucking CPU  .... then I did the render from the viewport instead (the 
> render button) .. and i noticed that .. its actually rendering.. but why 
> the Mantra render windows goes away while Mantra is still rendering 
> instead?...
> hope this is clear.. dunno if its a bug... or a strange behavior.. but 
> apparently the only way to know when rendering is finished is to check 
> task manager.
> houdini 8.474
> windows xp
> cheers.

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