[Sidefx-houdini-list] little problem about Compositing tutorial onsidefx

Simon Barrick simon at primalpictures.com
Thu Jan 19 12:10:35 EST 2006

It might be that you have render in background turned on.
If that is the case you can return to Houdini and work while the render
continues, very useful if you have 2 CPUs. If render in background is
off you can't do anything til the render finishes, useful when scripting
renders so that the script won't continue til the render is complete.

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I'm right now on the almost last step ... which is the ambient occlusion


the "problem" is.. (and i found that aint a problem but something just 
strange) .. all render nodes usually popups the Mantra render status 
like all we do know.. ok..

while rendering the occlusion pass... the Mantra rendering (and console 
here cause i use verbose usually) popups.. but then after it finishes 
the cook it goes away and i can go back to houdini...

at first i thought "wtf.. it cant be so fast.." . in fact the image 
wasnt loading into COPs.. after few others tries (after tricking the 
parameters i thought was wrong).. same result.. but the machine went 
almost unusable.. task manager.. et voilat'.. mantra was there still 
sucking CPU  .... then I did the render from the viewport instead (the 
render button) .. and i noticed that .. its actually rendering.. but why

the Mantra render windows goes away while Mantra is still rendering 

hope this is clear.. dunno if its a bug... or a strange behavior.. but 
apparently the only way to know when rendering is finished is to check 
task manager.

houdini 8.474
windows xp




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