[Sidefx-houdini-list] New Lighting Tutorial at www.sidefx.com

ken ken at corefa.com
Wed Jan 18 10:40:08 EST 2006

Robert Magee wrote:

>  It is nice in Houdini that a single object can contain several merged 
> pieces of geometry. It keeps the object level a little less cluttered. 
> Generally I only break up a model when I need a separate piece to move 
> on its own (lenses, knobs etc....) in case I want to animate it.

Generally while this is true, if you need to have unique light linking, 
matting, and or phantom type control during you rendering stage you need 
to break apart the model into different objects. Same is true for 
displacement bound, shading quality, etc.  I haven't done a test to see 
what the difference would be in memory usage of a completely separate 
model at object level containing only the pieces and a version were the 
model was assigned in one geometry object and then objectmerged into 
other geometry objects. I think technically the objectMerge by group 
function would be less then the standard objectMergeSOP, append a 
blastSOP or deleteSOP, but I haven't done it but it is a guess.

 From an organization view it is to your advantage to centralize the 
shader assignment and the entire geometry in case you need to modify it. 
I'm still of the mind that we (a houdini community at large) should 
discuss the idea being able assign certain "lighting and rendering" 
characteristics at the SOP level as a possible future feature of 
Houdini. If you can do it at a primitive level in renderman I think you 
should be able to do it in Houdini as well.

But that's just me.

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