[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini skills in Resume?

Dante Allegria danteallegria at yahoo.ca
Wed Jan 18 08:04:43 EST 2006

--- shawn hawkins <harlequingraphics at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Also, the price of Houdini (non-aprentice) puts the product
> way out of the reach of anyone other than the most dedicated artist
> or the most spoiled geek with rich parents.

Er, how does that put it out of reach of 3D companies? I know that's
not what you meant but that sentence is simply just not correct. 

> I love the product but I
> have to admit that it is sometimes very daunting to use and, face it,
> it just doesn't have the functionallity of some of the other progies
> when it comes to things like hair (a major to-do with alot of the
> newer animated films out there. The biggest thing about Monster's
> Inc. was the hair on Scully) not to mention SSS.

I think Monster's Inc is a pretty bad example? Does anyone know but I
doubt that it used some push-button hair solution. As of Houdini 8,
there has been the beginnings of a hair solver (called Wire in DOPs).

There's no example SSS shader included with Houdini but it has been
possible since the introduction of point clouds in Houdini 7. For one
implementation, see:
For a SOP hack, see:



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