[Sidefx-houdini-list] A Second Houdini Book

Craig Zerouni craig at sidefx.com
Tue Jan 17 14:56:19 EST 2006

I sent this to the list a week ago, but it looks like it never showed 
up. So here's my second attempt, for those who don't frequent the 
Houdini Forum. And thanks to all those Forum readers who have sent ideas 


Houdini Fans -

When it rains, it pours.

I have a agreement to produce a Houdini book, to be published later this 
year. This will be very different from Will Cunningham's book. Mine is 
meant to be a kind of "Houdini Hacks", a compilation of (possibly) 
obscure but useful techniques for wringing the most out of Houdini. The 
target audience is not beginners, but intermediate-to-advanced Houdini 

To make this clearer, I have posted on the Forum a short chapter sample 
that the publishers saw - look here

The reason I am telling you this is that I am looking for help from the 
Houdini community. Houdini being what it is, it's just not possible for 
one person to know everything about everything, especially if that 
person is me. So I'm looking to collect useful tips from users on any 
Houdini subject - modeling, particles, dynamics, shaders, scripting, 
rendering, whatever. These should be simple idiomatic uses of individual 
houdini features, not 200-node extravaganzas.

In exchange for your help, I can make this stupendous offer: if I use 
something you contribute, I will include your name and brief bio in the 
contributor's section (see the O'Reilly /Linux Hacks/ book as an example 
of this), and you will get a copy of the book.

To save clutter, feel free to respond to me directly: craig at sidefx.com 
either with tips or just with questions.

Thanks very much!


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