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One thing that could have helped Side Effects is if they would have come out with printed litterature and tutorial books like MAYA has. A good book store like B&N will have dozen's of books on MAYA or 3DSMAX. Also, the price of Houdini (non-aprentice) puts the product way out of the reach of anyone other than the most dedicated artist or the most spoiled geek with rich parents. I love the product but I have to admit that it is sometimes very daunting to use and, face it, it just doesn't have the functionallity of some of the other progies when it comes to things like hair (a major to-do with alot of the newer animated films out there. The biggest thing about Monster's Inc. was the hair on Scully) not to mention SSS. It would be nice if there were an option to simplify the UI a bit with buttons and nested stuff for things like physics, hair etc.

CraigLeeHoffman at aol.com wrote:  
I agree that Houdini isn't very hard to learn compared to all the nested 
menus/options and hotkeys and scripting needed to learn to become proficient with 
Maya, but we are fighting against a prejudice that many folks in the industry 
have had from when they last checked Houdini out around Houdini 2.5. I 
currently work with some former Animators from CORE who are now back working in Maya 
and they ALL said they prefer Houdini.

That being said, there are far more jobs for Maya users. Why? Maya sold 
itself well by getting it in colleges and lowering the price and getting a lot of 
training material out there several years ago. They convinced everyone that 
it was the best 3D package out there and they tend to support (or are 
supported by vendors for) many new standards for model/animation format exchange or 
things like real time rendering whereas Houdini tends to stick it out on their 
own. Maya arguably was best for character work for a while, but Houdini has 
grown and passed it by in my opinion and is a far more well rounded package- 
much better suited for a whole production pipeline.

But Houdini is so expensive that many houses won't even look at it (even if 
it does save time and money by doing things more efficiently and not needing to 
hire programming TA's for all your MEL tools). And most management doesn't 
understand these issues enough to get past the Status Quo that keeps Maya on 

Having it on your resume will help if you are trying to break into the 
Effects world at the better houses that use it, but if you are trying to break into 
games or character animation you will probably run into people who have never 
heard of Houdini before. When people ask me what Houdini is I just reply "It 
is like Maya on steroids with Shake and Renderman rolled in".

With Houdini on your reel (if it is quality stuff) you have a much better 
chance at getting an entry level slot at a high end studio like DD, R&H, Sony, 
CORE, etc. If you just have Maya FX on your reel, you are more likely to have 
to stand in a huge line of people just like you and have to compete for slots 
at lesser studios. Of course it really depends on the reel, but high end 
studios with Houdini slots open find those positions hard to fill and with decent 
Houdini skills you might be able to get in the door without a lot of 
experience, which usually isn't the case at most high end places.

After "The Wild" comes out from CORE and the new Houdini book starts getting 
seen and all the former CORE animators flood back into the other houses and 
say how great Houdini is, I think we will see more people using it, but there is 
still a long way to go. 

Also, look at the Houdini job board and pay attention to jobs posted on this 
list or the Side Effects forums- a lot of Houdini jobs are filled through this 
networking than on sites like HighEnd3D.

-Craig Hoffman

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> Hi people!
> There were some post about job, so maybe U are just little tired of 
> it but I'll just try to ask...
> Just finished all my FX for reel and now I'm in the rendering 
> process of these, so it can takes two or three months to finish. I must 
> mention all these r made in Maya. During this time my Maya app will be 
> busy so I can do something else like developing more advanced skills in 
> Houdini.
> I just wanna ask experienced users what you think about Houdini in 
> resume and people who look for job in this industry? When I look at 
> sites like highEnd3D or creativeHeads I see very often companies look 
> for peoplea who know both maya+mel. Houdini jobs are very rare(yesterday 
> I just saw Houdini job post on highEnd3d by DD). I've heard from one 
> that: "if U know Houdini U will get job very quick" but it rather sound 
> like marketing slogan.
> I see that it's not hard to learn it. Many said that learning curve 
> is steep. I don't understand, it's much more easier than Maya. So I 
> think there are many Houdini users who posses beginner level knowledge 
> of this app. What employers would like to see, what Houdini skills? I 
> don't think anybody will get job just becouse he know software.
> I've also read some story from one guy on odForce that he has a Maya 
> only reel and very little Houdini experience but decided to sent it to 
> one company and ... he get this job beocuse he mention in resume about 
> Houdini.
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