[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini skills in Resume?

rafal baq8 at op.pl
Mon Jan 16 08:13:24 EST 2006

Hi people!

    There were some post about job, so maybe U are just little tired of 
it but I'll just try to ask...

    Just finished all my FX for reel and now I'm in the rendering 
process of these, so it can takes two or three months to finish. I must 
mention all these r made in Maya. During this time my Maya app will be 
busy so I can do something else like developing more advanced skills in 

    I just wanna ask experienced users what you think about Houdini in 
resume and people who look for job in this industry? When I look at 
sites like highEnd3D or creativeHeads I see very often companies look 
for peoplea who know both maya+mel. Houdini jobs are very rare(yesterday 
I just saw Houdini job post on highEnd3d by DD). I've heard from one 
that: "if U know Houdini U will get job very quick" but it rather sound 
like marketing slogan.

    I see that it's not hard to learn it. Many said that learning curve 
is steep. I don't understand, it's much more easier than Maya. So I 
think there are many Houdini users who posses beginner level knowledge 
of this app. What employers would like to see, what Houdini skills? I 
don't think anybody will get job just becouse he know software.

    I've also read some story from one guy on odForce that he has a Maya 
only reel and very little Houdini experience but decided to sent it to 
one company and ... he get this job beocuse he mention in resume about 

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