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Mark Tucker mtucker at sidefx.com
Sat Jan 14 19:46:24 EST 2006

Is it cheating if I contribute? A few more points, with sample files 
from the RBD Solver help card. Some of these may not be considered 
precisely features of "RBD" within Houdini, but of the dynamics 
architecture as a whole.

1. Houdini's RBD works with deforming geometry. See the Deforming RBD 
sample file.

2. The breaking apart of pre-fractured/glued object can be either 
automatic based on impacts, or choreographed based on keyframing or 
other features/events in the simulation (your list only mentions the 
automatic breaking shown in the Breaking Rock sample). See the 
Choreographed Breakup sample for a more procedural approach.

3. Ability to interact with other solvers (cloth, POPs, etc). See the 
Cloth Rbd Interaction and Match Shape samples.

4. Ability to control a simulation in a procedural way based on 
expressions and information from the simulation. See the Freeze sample.

5. RBD can be augmented with additional DOPs solvers to achieve a 
variety of more complex effects. See the Denting With POPs example, 
which also demonstrates point 3 (and 4 in a way as well).

6. Integration with the rest of Houdini allows RBD results to be applied 
procedurally to control other parts of an animation. The Proxy Geometry 
sample shows this in its simplest form where the RBD motion is applied 
to different objects than the ones used in the actual simulation.

7. Fantasticaly friendly and responsive Side Effects support and 
development staff :)


Andrew D Lyons wrote:
>   I'm attempting a list of some of the special/unique features and outcomes
> possible with the RBD tools in DOPs.
>    -
>    Simulations can be optimized for any number of objects and any degree
>    of accuracy.
>     -
>    Objects can be constrained in multiple axes so that keyframe animation
>    can be combined with rigid body animation.
>    -
>    Model weight, shape and complexity need not have a corresponding
>    effect on simulation time.
>    -
>    Pre-fractured models can be set to only break apart according to the
>    specific forces involved in a particular impact.
>    -
>    Stand-alone rigid body dynamics tools of comparable ability cost far
>    more than a license of Houdini, and come without all the other tools that
>    Side Effects Software has accumulated in Houdini over two decades of
>    development.
> I welcome people to add to these. (until Monday night - L.A. time)
> Thanks! - it's for a good cause...
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