[Sidefx-houdini-list] houdini crashes...

Paul Simpson paul at realisestudio.com
Tue Jan 10 05:44:08 EST 2006

> If anyone else has experienced the same thing, please send me your 
> graphics details (card & driver) and OS details (distrib + kernel 
> version). (I already have yours, Peter B). Any help would be greatly 
> appreciated - I don't like my machine locking up either :)

We've been experiancing lockups on multiple systems:
- athlon-smp redhat 9 geforce 4600
- athlon-smp suse 9.3 geforce 4600
- opteron-smp suse 9.3 geforce fx5200
- opteron-smp-dualcore - opensuse 10 geforce 6600gt

...running every version of houdini in the last year.  The only common 
demoninator is that we're using non quadro cards - but is that really 
going to alter the stability that much?  I believe that the cards were 
using are the same is the quadro's apart from a resistor on the board.  
Are the drivers from two unrelated code bases? 

I'm now longing for the days of the good ole SGI's.  This was just 
wasn't a problem then.  Mac's are even looking attractive now - at least 
you know your running standardised hardware.  This is now driving us a 
little crazy - be keen to hear from any large shops - have any of you 
cracked this?  Also, sesi could help by recommending a hardware setup 
that works(tm).  (and isn't three years old).

In hope of stability...  P

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