[Sidefx-houdini-list] OT: What compositor do you use if not COPS? (was: houdini crashes...)

Lyn Caudle lyn at janimation.com
Mon Jan 9 10:09:26 EST 2006

I have decided that I do not like the current version of Fusion.
I liked it better last version. 
I liked shake alot. a whole lot but the mighty apple screwed that for 
me, and for
that matter probably the software as well. It seems to have slowed down 
a ton compared to what I used to get
out of it.

However that being said "Nuke" is the only thing I see as being useful
at this piont.

My 2 cents

Peter Robbinson wrote:

> Not so much price, although rigging the linux version pricing did piss 
> me off, but then that's business.
> No, it's more the added complexity to a pipeline that I find 
> unnecessary. Using Shake means linux, mac and windows here (CORE).
> Personally I prefer the Fusion interface and I think I can build more 
> efficient workflows with it rather than Shake. Hands down I would 
> prefer to stick
> with Halo, I really like having the compositor that tight with the 3d 
> side. But we need a tracker and paint tools with our work, so that 
> means some other package.
> We also use Combustion, the guys here prefer the paint tools in it. No 
> accounting for taste...
> PeterR
> Dries wrote:
>> Peter Robbinson wrote:
>>> I'm real pleased with Ubuntu. Updating is very smooth and no issues 
>>> so far with Houdini or other tools.
>>> Stay away from Kbuntu, it's a kde version. Not sure why the bother, 
>>> you can have kde running in ubuntu. Anyways, kbuntu is not nearly as 
>>> well put together, it's a different
>>> team doing it.
>>> If I finally get a linux version of Fusion then Windows could pretty 
>>> much be ditched. Alternatively if Cops ever gets updated then ...
>>> PeterR
>> Sorry to derive here, but as J.C. was stating: small shops have it 
>> harder to get a solution for every step in the proces. The fact that 
>> Shake is available for OS X was a big push for me towards Mac.I 
>> thought about Fusion for compositing, but finally, because I decided 
>> for Final Cul Pro, I  thought of using Shake and using my 3D linux 
>> render nodes to render Shake under linux as well... I used to love 
>> it, but I still don't know where Apple is heading with it, and Fusion 
>> seems to have caught up.
>>> From what I have seen, it had some more default text effects available 
>> which come in very handy for quick and dirty titles. There is nuke 
>> under linux but that is terribly expensive... (non-procedural 
>> compositing I'm not even considering).
>> So why didn't you go Shake, Peter? Pricing?
>> D.
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