[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini - Real Flow For H8, Source code on SourceForge

Mark Story mstory at xion.org
Mon Jan 9 01:01:38 EST 2006

Hi there,

Happy New Year everyone!

The Houdini-Real Flow plugins are now available for Houdini 8 and the 
source code has been released on Source Forge.

The source code can be found on the Source Forge od[force] Houdini 
plugin page:

The RF_Import_SOP and RF_Export_SOP have had a number of small bugs 
fixed and generally had to tidy up a bit.  The Real Flow ROP/IFD is 
still in need of some work but should be available very soon too. 
Please read the README file for more details on the fixes and enhancements.

Here's the URL for the download page:
Some notes on the source code and this project in general:

This project has been around for about 2 1/2 years, and I've worked on 
it in my spare time whenever I could but now it's time to release the 
code for others to extend, maintain and fix those things I couldn't get 
to.  It's been a great project, learned a lot, met some great people 
too; and it helped keep me sane whilst having to code in IDL for over a 

Because I wasn't able to spend a concentrated period of time on the 
project, there are some inconstancies in coding styles, naming 
conventions, error checking, etc. that one commonly finds in informal 
coding projects; it could use a good once over in overall design too. 
One of the reasons I mention this is because I've been surprised how 
many people have used the plugins on real shots where real money is on 
the line, makes me nervous to have freeware in the pipeline if it's not 
open source, thus another good reason to publish the code.

Fortunately for me I'm able to work in Houdini full time now and will 
only become more familiar with the HDK and will improve upon these 
plugins in the future but in the short term my attention is on fluid 
solvers for DOPs and Mental Ray/Houdini integration.  So any other HDK 
programmers out there who would like to help with these Real Flow 
plugins, please write, so we can coordinate our efforts.

Of course, if you use the plugins for a project, and/or use the code 
base internally to your company, spread good karma and give credit where 
credit is due.

Peace and Love,

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