[Sidefx-houdini-list] OT: What compositor do you use if not COPS? (was: houdini crashes...)

Dan Seddon dan.seddon at framestore-cfc.com
Sun Jan 8 13:15:57 EST 2006

Rick Walia wrote:

>Quoting Dan Seddon <dan.seddon at framestore-cfc.com>:
>>Do you really like shake??
>>I find shake very slow - I remember Fusion was slicker a few years ago 
>>and am guessing it is now and Nuke has a fairly good reputation. I spend 
>>much of my time being fustrated with how slow shake is, in fact so do 
>>most compositors I speak to - there's few packages where the main uses 
>>don't even seem to be fans. Actually, after reading Jeds post,  I did 
>>try thrashing Cops around and (alas..) did get it to crash as quickly as 
>>Jed seems to be : ( Though, before that - it's speed was a welcome 
>>change from Shake. Which does make me wonder why Sidefx don't make that 
>>final push with Cops and get "Halo" running as a more finished package - 
>>fixing the current bugs must be possible if I managed to reproduce them 
>>in a few minutes (my sympathy does go out to Jed), after which just 
>>adding a tracker and few other missing bits...? But, that shake ever 
>>became the standard baffles me!
>It's funny because I have the opposite experience with shake. I find is pretty
>fast but not very flexible. I find COPs pretty slow but very flexible. I guess
>that's the price to pay for flexibility?
>I really wish there was more work done to COPs in terms of performance. It's
>just a hell of a lot easier to do my comps in halo before I send it off to the
>flame guys especially when render to deep raster providing it doesn't crash or
>take too long to cook.
>I would welcome a tracker but it's not high on my "gotta have" list.
>The stability and performance of halo is a problem for me right now especially
>when I have to turn out comps for early the next morning and I just keep seg
>faulting ;) I'd be the first to say this could be a hardware/driver problem on
>my end but I have tried it on various systems with different hardware/drivers
>with the same result. 
>Here's wishing for cops enhancement in houdini 9!
Seconded (of twelftied - which ever we're up to) - maybe I was being a 
little unfair on Shake's speed, I did think after I'd sent the mail that 
hadn't exactly been scientific (I think I have a bit of a dislike for 
shake and am fairly eager to think bad of it). I did drop down a fairly 
simple network and started layering up some transforms and resizes,  I 
never feel like Shake is very interactive at all and Cops did seem to 
hold up for these simple tests at least. Though that could be because 
I'm used to using larger networks in shake where the dependancy seems a 
bit poor. I do really miss having Cops on the side, which could be 
relied upon, like the good old days though :( Vops + Cops, as always, 
rocks too!


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