[Sidefx-houdini-list] OT: What compositor do you use if not COPS? (was: houdini crashes...)

Dan Seddon dan.seddon at framestore-cfc.com
Sun Jan 8 11:07:56 EST 2006

Dries wrote:

> Peter Robbinson wrote:
>> I'm real pleased with Ubuntu. Updating is very smooth and no issues 
>> so far with Houdini or other tools.
>> Stay away from Kbuntu, it's a kde version. Not sure why the bother, 
>> you can have kde running in ubuntu. Anyways, kbuntu is not nearly as 
>> well put together, it's a different
>> team doing it.
>> If I finally get a linux version of Fusion then Windows could pretty 
>> much be ditched. Alternatively if Cops ever gets updated then ...
>> PeterR
> Sorry to derive here, but as J.C. was stating: small shops have it 
> harder to get a solution for every step in the proces. The fact that 
> Shake is available for OS X was a big push for me towards Mac.I 
> thought about Fusion for compositing, but finally, because I decided 
> for Final Cul Pro, I  thought of using Shake and using my 3D linux 
> render nodes to render Shake under linux as well... I used to love it, 
> but I still don't know where Apple is heading with it, and Fusion 
> seems to have caught up.
>> From what I have seen, it had some more default text effects available 
> which come in very handy for quick and dirty titles. There is nuke 
> under linux but that is terribly expensive... (non-procedural 
> compositing I'm not even considering).
> So why didn't you go Shake, Peter? Pricing?

Do you really like shake??

I find shake very slow - I remember Fusion was slicker a few years ago 
and am guessing it is now and Nuke has a fairly good reputation. I spend 
much of my time being fustrated with how slow shake is, in fact so do 
most compositors I speak to - there's few packages where the main uses 
don't even seem to be fans. Actually, after reading Jeds post,  I did 
try thrashing Cops around and (alas..) did get it to crash as quickly as 
Jed seems to be : ( Though, before that - it's speed was a welcome 
change from Shake. Which does make me wonder why Sidefx don't make that 
final push with Cops and get "Halo" running as a more finished package - 
fixing the current bugs must be possible if I managed to reproduce them 
in a few minutes (my sympathy does go out to Jed), after which just 
adding a tracker and few other missing bits...? But, that shake ever 
became the standard baffles me!


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