[Sidefx-houdini-list] OT: What compositor do you use if not COPS? (was: houdini crashes...)

Dries dries at urga.be
Sun Jan 8 10:28:23 EST 2006

Peter Robbinson wrote:

> I'm real pleased with Ubuntu. Updating is very smooth and no issues so 
> far with Houdini or other tools.
> Stay away from Kbuntu, it's a kde version. Not sure why the bother, 
> you can have kde running in ubuntu. Anyways, kbuntu is not nearly as 
> well put together, it's a different
> team doing it.
> If I finally get a linux version of Fusion then Windows could pretty 
> much be ditched. Alternatively if Cops ever gets updated then ...
> PeterR
Sorry to derive here, but as J.C. was stating: small shops have it 
harder to get a solution for every step in the proces. The fact that 
Shake is available for OS X was a big push for me towards Mac.I thought 
about Fusion for compositing, but finally, because I decided for Final 
Cul Pro, I  thought of using Shake and using my 3D linux render nodes to 
render Shake under linux as well... I used to love it, but I still don't 
know where Apple is heading with it, and Fusion seems to have caught up. 
>From what I have seen, it had some more default text effects available 
which come in very handy for quick and dirty titles. There is nuke under 
linux but that is terribly expensive... (non-procedural compositing I'm 
not even considering).

So why didn't you go Shake, Peter? Pricing?


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