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Jed Schwartz jed at jedschwartz.com
Sat Jan 7 15:56:53 EST 2006

I've got to chime in on this-

I'm just restarting a composite I've been working on for the  
afternoon for the 4th time- No I haven't lost anything critical but  
the time it has taken to re-start several times. I save religiously  
because I know houdini is going to crash sometime in the corse of  
tweaking a ramp or running mplay..

I find this to be totally unacceptable performance for software the  
we just recently paid a huge fee to license for another year-  I love  
this software and truly appreciate the power and flexibility of  
houdini, but... and its a big BUT, I think its time we all make a lot  
of noise about stability issues!

My studio is very small so I am able to update houdini with the  
latest builds without much problem, but I'm not seeing any really  
helpful advances in stability from the latest builds-

I think we really need to make some serious noise about this issue-!

Rant over- systems up, back to work--


On Jan 6, 2006, at 9:50 AM, John Coldrick wrote:

> On Friday 06 January 2006 08:29, Dries wrote:
>> Hi Paul and all,
>> A rough number: houdini crashes on me at least 2 or 3 times a day.
> 	I'd consider that unacceptable.  Maybe 5-7 years ago, but not  
> nowadays.
> About all I can suggest is that if you get a higher end graphics  
> card(like
> the FX series), then you'll have zip problems(rather late for that  
> now, of
> course, but perhaps the future).  That's what we're running here.   
> I'll be
> honest, I've completely lost track of the Nvidia series cards, they've
> splintered so much over the years I'm lost there.  All I do is buy
> workstation-level graphics cards, and it seems to be fine for us,  
> running the
> same OS/release as you.
>> A guarantee crash for me is when clicking th cross to fetch a  
>> texmap and
>> in the that browser window click on the eye icon to load it up in  
>> mplay
>> first. Always when I swith to my cops desktop, I hit save first. You
>> know, I'd rather not do that.
> 	Absolutely, and you shouldn't have to.  I just tested that to  
> verify(SUSE
> 10/64 bit Intel/FX3600 PCIe) and it works fine.  You running daily  
> builds or
> the last official release?  I'm on 8.0.454.
>> The mantra renderer hardly ever causes me problems though. So  
>> there must
>> still be issues with using linux as a workstation. Linux is the
>> preferred rendering platform, but athough I was such a linux
>> enthousiast, I've come to believe that that community thingy is just
>> never going to get me there.
> 	Well, the most common complaint I've heard is the opposite - lots  
> of windows
> Houdini users seem to have more trouble than linux users, and they  
> complain
> quite loudly about it.  Again, all it takes is a bad graphics card/ 
> driver
> combination to change one's opinion on this.  That's been the case  
> with Linux
> for years, no question.
> 	With Linux, yup, you can't just assemble systems with the same  
> freedom as
> Windows, I'll never argue that.  :)  When you go in knowing that,  
> however,
> you'll get the far improved(IMHO) OS and all the benefits.  Here, I  
> just
> avoid the whole nightmare(so far, anyway :) ) and just cough up for  
> the
> higher end cards, although I think many will argue the FX series is  
> sort of
> midrange nowadays, unless you go absolutely top of the series,  
> which I never
> do).
> 	Cheers,
> 	J.C.
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